The next releases of bettercache is planned to expand upon the CacheModel even further, handling cache misses and allow push updates of cached data, among other new treats.

  • from_model_APP_MODEL() methods on CacheModel can be implemented to update the cached data when models are updated
  • Secondary key-sets, to allow more than one lookup for the same cache data
  • Included Celery tasks to async update the cached data
  • Two part from_miss with a sync step that defers the second step to Celery
  • Implemented nested invalidation of CacheModels
  • Convert the replacement {% cache %} tag to generate CacheModels
  • Add a {% notcached %} tag to nest inside {% cache %} blocks
  • Add an {% else %} clause to cache blocks
  • Defer rendering of cache blocks to celery
  • Push deferred-rendered cache blocks back to pages